One thing I love about doing Punch needle is that it requires very little materials.

As long as you have a punch needle, needle threader, embroidery threads, embroidery hoop, a base fabric and scissors, you are ready to go.
It reminds me a lot of knitting- you work with a continual loop and your materials are small enough that you can to carry it around with you and work on in your studio, in the living the garden...

There are different sizes of punch needle available, I work with a fairly large needle which has 12 different settings for modifying the size of the loops. A large needle means I can thread the six strands of embroidery floss at once which makes threading the needle faster and punching faster. For the best range of punch needles and threaders, shop on-line.
Embroidery hoops and embroidery threads or embroidery floss, are fairly easy to find in your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Jo Ann fabrics and sometimes Wal Mart.
The base fabric is known as "weavers cloth" and it can be found at a fabric store such as Jo Ann fabrics.


Embroidery threads

Embroidery Threads are your palette and you can never have enough colors!


I search through thrift shops and ask friends to keep an eye out at thrift stores, quilt guilds and flea
markets for embroidery threads for me. I know one day I am going to start dyeing my own threads, I won't be able to help myself but I am trying to resist that compulsion!

My artwork tends to have a lot of color, and I try to capture that same richness and texture with the embroidery floss. I particularly love how the different height of the loops gives movement to the color.