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The Harsh World

One of my clients, a young schizophrenic, was working on a new computer game which he called “The Harsh World.” At this time in his life, his world was dark and full of conflict.

“Blue Momma” lives in that difficult and turbulent place. We all live there sometimes, when things break down as they have to, if we want to find some resolution to our bad situation



It’s been brutally hot today, with 100% humidity and there’s a forecast of a storm starting at..yes, you guessed it…6pm tonight.

The jam will continue regardless. There’s going to be music and food and wine and of course, good company.

I have created some planters for our new patio area.


The plants were specially chosen for their ability to stand in the blazing sun. Little did I know that they would make their debut in a thunderstorm!

join us anyway!


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