New Year, new Directions

I apologize to everyone trying to navigate my blog at this time.

To the people following my blog- thank you for your interest and know that I will have my posts and categories up and running soon!
I am expanding my blog to include my work in landscape design yet still keep the blog succinct and easy to follow.


This is the bird bath in the day lily bed from the healing landscape that I designed for the Behavioral Medicine unit at ARMC.
On display is ‘ Pumpkin Moonshine ” and “Circle of Friends” daylilies, purple phlox, coreopsis,and ‘Grand Marshall’ bee balm.

Carolyn Albright, from Hillside Daylilies, donated 32 absolutely gorgeous daylilies for the healing landscape.

I cannot recommend Carolyn’s daylily farm enough!

Carolyn Albright
Hillside Daylilies
1529 NC Highway 61
Whitsett, NC 27377
(336) 449 7743

She has over 6000 varieties of day lilies, all with dazzling colors, tumbling down sloping hills overlooking a serene pond awash with water lilies and water hyacinths.
I went to visit her farm with the intention of buying one or two day lilies for myself and walked away after buying 18, thus forcing me to build a day lily bed for myself so I would have somewhere to put them!