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Weaving your own Personal Tapestry

with Jacqueline Wheelaghan Mehring


the cup of kindness,Tapestry

October 13- November 3, 2015 from 6.30-8.30pm

Start from a compelling emotion or memory and use doodles, drawings and collage to create your tapestry design. Learn the basic skills of tapestry weaving and discover just how expressive tapestry weaving can be.




Information and registration:

Contact Louise at 336.549.8367 or


The Hirsch Wellness Network in collaboration with Cone Health Cancer provides classes that are free of charge for cancer patients in treatment, survivors and caregivers.






painting at duskPainting the salt marsh trail at dusk, while my husband admires the view over the sound.

view accross Bogue Sound




The Bogue Sound


I am really excited about co-leading the creative art retreat “Tapping the Creative Spring” at The Trinity Center on September 18-21.

It’s a time to relax and explore -do the things you love to do but have never allowed yourself the luxury of doing. For all our returning students and new students- we have demonstrations and warm up exercises to start the exploration process and individual feedback wherever and whenever it is needed.

For those of you who have not signed up yet, register at:


So it is ok to have the same title for two different artworks, right? Here is the punch needle “Golden Boy” and the watercolor/acrylic “Golden Boy( Ed Brown) which is a painting of a day lily.

golden boy punch needle punchGolden Boy (Ed Brown)


Reconquering Burgundy, resurrecting Charles the Bold

Cooking Without Limits

Food Photography & Recipes

Photography Art Plus

Photography, Animals, Flowers, Nature, Sky

Fibre art by Jean Ottosen

NC Alternative Crops and Organics

art in fibers and fabric

around the garden

art in fibers and fabric


art in fibers and fabric