cora's cardy for winnter 2015

…And the start of a new punch needle piece

Cora’s Thanksgiving cardy is ready! Of course, it may not arrive in Scotland in time for Thanksgiving but since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Scotland -that’s ok. Fiona, my six year old grand daughter and fashion guru, says that this is a rainbow design, as the colors change and are in different combinations on each side and on each sleeve.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to my latest punch needle and finish  up before Christmas…

This is the beginning of a piece called ‘Young man asleap/dead’ and is a challenging piece. The image shows the work from the back, which is how the work is created.

It may appear incongruous to have dark subject matter for a punch needle made out of embroidery floss and only 8 or 9″ wide but surfaces, even surfaces of colored loops, can be surprisingly expressive.

For this work,  I have started to hand dye -on a very small scale-some white embroidery threads to try match some colors from my paintings for the punch needles. Now I’m thinking, because it really is very small amounts of yarns- maybe it would be easier to just paint directly onto the threads, rather than dyeing the threads in a dye bath. It will be interesting to see if the hand dyed yarns add/change anything in the overall composition.

back of 'young man asleap'

'young man asleap'