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Brigitta halberg

Brigitta Halberg, Denmark


ATA postcardback of postcard

Don’t miss this lovely tapestry show, presented by the American Tapestry Alliance at artspace, in Raleigh. I took some photos with my cell phone which explains why the photos are not as well presented as they should be-apologies to some of the artists that are not featured- this is a small sample to show the different countries represented in the show-there are lots more to see !

I am very excited to be going to the weekend tapestry workshop taught by  Tommye Scanlin, Saturday – Monday February 6-8th. There are 3 places left for those who want to sign up!

jan russell tapestry

Jan Russell,Virginia

beth smith the welsh dresser

Beth Smith, South Wales

Judith Musick

Judith Musick, Illinois

Christine prodel lien

Christine Prodel-Lien, France

midsummer bonfire

Benthe Ibsen,Denmark

claire coyle

Clare Coyle, Scotland

Kathe Todd-Hooker

Kathe Todd-Hooker, Virginia

For a Positive Spin on New Year’s Resolutions..

My 2016 New Year resolution is accomplished already!

Finished my first art piece for 2016

'young man asleap' finished

Sounds so much better than…I never got it finished before the end of 2015…




Reconquering Burgundy, resurrecting Charles the Bold

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Photography Art Plus

Photography, Animals, Flowers, Nature, Sky

Fibre art by Jean Ottosen

NC Alternative Crops and Organics

art in fibers and fabric

around the garden

art in fibers and fabric


art in fibers and fabric