danish threadsThrift Stores and Hospice to the Rescue!


Don’t get me wrong, I love DMC embroidery threads. They’re manufactured in France (ooh la la!)  a good quality, decent price and can be found everywhere. However as good as the selection is, there are color limitations so when I need to get more oomph and International flavor in my colors….. I turn to the tried and tested places to shop….the Thrift stores and the Hospice.
For example, last weekend at the local Hospice flee market snuggled amongst the DMC embroidery yarns were…

  • Embroidery yarns from England called Peri-Lusta, a six-stranded 100% mercerized cotton. Sound familiar to anyone in England?
  • A lovely pink yarn from a company called MEZ from Germany (sticktwist muline) 100% cotton
  • Some fine embroidery yarns,  labelled MH matgarn with a tiny red tag saying Made in Denmark
  • Sullivans Premium quality /100% Egyptian cotton  Made in China

and representing American embroidery floss-threads

Six -strand Lily Floss by the Lily Mills  Company, from Shelby North Carolina- and another  yarn labeled the Belding Lily Company. Then I found a collection of colors by J & P Coats, the American Thread Company and  STAR SIX STRAND embroidery cotton, and one mystery yarn called LORRAINE by Softex

sample threads and sketches

Cataloging the yarns according to color families so I can find the color I need more efficiently

Dear reader, do you have a collection of embroidery threads from around the World? If so, send a comment with an image, the name and country of the yarn and I will feature them on the blog. Maybe we can do a swap!