Now showing at NC Craft Gallery in Carrboro, NC


AWOL-absent without leave



A small piece with a lot of turbulent emotions







Some of the stages in the development for my latest piece, which started as a painting of a woman beside a vase of flowers, with a bird on her shoulder. A hand has materialized from nowhere to hold the bird.


It’s actually very helpful to see the images side-by-side as it helps me see the lines, forms and negative spaces much clearer. This is a bigger piece where I am trying to incorporate more linear elements, with the solid forms. Hmmm. Lots of adjustments needed for everything to fit together smoothly.


Cotton baby jacket for baby Camille, due any day now

However, I am getting side tracked by the need to knit baby garments for friends daughters and sons and nephews and nieces whose babies are all due from November -February!