Deadlines-it’s what keeps me on track !

I promised to enter 10 pieces for the Kirby Gallery December Christmas Show-what was I thinking?


Putting Down Roots (8″ x 10″) acrylic and collage


Telling a Tall Tale ( 17″ x 24″) Acrylic


“Outlander” wrap with wool, silk , acrylics and cottons


It’s a process, right? some of the pieces might not make it to this show

So I have paintings…small and big…and did I mention knitting? I hand knitted some “Outlander” style wraps- that is, if during the “Outlander” times, they had access to lots of  textured colored yarns with some synthetics too..! Some of  the yarns I hand dyed at one of our Blue Ridge babe weekends..( hey, we did n ‘t  just go there to have fun, you know..)Well, maybe, ok, full disclosure -we did ! It was fun doing the creative stuff too.

Hope you can make it to the show! There will be wine, food and music at the opening on Friday, December 2, 2016.