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Dara in a ‘sporty, textured’ hat which is a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon and machine washable

Cora’s hat is a three different textured yarns knitted together, with a big mix of fibers- wool, hand woven silk, acrylic and mohair

Fiona’s hat with star shaped brim

We love this hat! Fiona picked the mint green for the top and somehow I finished knitting the hat in time for her to wear it home, that evening

Recently there’s been a bit of a struggle ( ha ha!) getting the correct sizes for the knitted hats for the various babes and children.

I really should know better- I’ve knitted loads of baby hats and all of them my own designs and until now- no problems with the sizes.

When Dara was born in August, I quickly knitted up a chunky little hat with lots of different yarns and sent it off to Scotland..


Imagine my surprise when I was sent a photo of Dara’s older sister, Cora ( 2 years old) wearing the hat! And she wears it constantly, even to bed.  So it was out with the knitting needles again, this time with finer yarns and finer needles and another hat was sent off.  Cora can get this one on her head too, ( it’s a very stretchy rib) but luckily it fits Dara better!

So, quite puzzled as to how I could have got my sizes so wrong, I started another hat.  It was a small hat in blues and greens, and I was thinking of sending it to another newborn nephew, Oran.


However, my grand daughter Fiona, ( age 8 nearly 9 years old) saw the knitting ( the hat for a newborn baby) on the circular needles and tried it on her head.  It fitted around her head ! She loved it!  She liked the stretchy ribs and asked me to finish it for her so she could wear it home- that evening

no way

I think I have mentioned before that Fiona can be very persuasive. I told her that I could not possibly knit up the hat by the time she left that evening.  She very calmly went into my studio and picked out some mint green yarn that she liked and brought it to me as I picked up the needles and started to knit the body of the hat.

Ok,  I like a challenge

Seven inches later, I added the mint green and then started to decrease for the crown. We were running 5 minutes late as I stitched up the top.

At our November Hirsch Wellness drop-in tapestry session, Dorothy brought in some buttons and started to hand them out to anyone who was interested.

Wendy’s tapestry is almost finished

And here it is off the loom!

Deepi’s tapestry is almost done

“I know it’s a religious comment,” she said, “But it’s also a political statement.” She belongs to the Friends Church in Greensboro and is a Quaker. Meanwhile, some tapestries are finished and we need to start thinking about the best way to present the artwork…

…. perhaps we can have a Christmas Tapestry Show?

Deepi’s tapestry completed. We are trying different presentation ideas; this is with a mat board and frame

This is an Oxford punch needle # 10 and officially called a rug hooking needle

My trusty punch needle that has lasted years, broke. When I sent off for a new one, I accidentally ordered the wrong size- a much smaller needle. Rather than re-ordering, I decided to go in the opposite direction by trying a bigger needle, one I had bought 3 years ago- in Colorado.

Then I discovered- my embroidery yarns are too fine for this big boy. Luckily for me, I have a rich stash of silk scarves, silk hankies and fabrics scraps, just waiting for the opportunity to be cut into strips and threaded into the punch needle.

A very different look-it has a much more fragmented image than the embroidery threads, maybe because the strips are not uniform in size, or of the same fiber composition. I’m going to see where this goes.


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