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 “That’s a very good place to start, ” as Maria says, in the “Sound of Music” 

I started with drawings the trees in my back garden, which have beautiful colors in the early fall mornings

When weaving a design with a lot of horizontal lines or shapes, it is easier to weave the design sideways. This way the tree trunks can be woven horizontally. So in this example, my warp is displayed on the left hand  side, and the filling is vertical.

Well said, Maria.

For our upcoming tapestry weaving classes in  January 2018 at the Hirsch Wellness Center, I’m going to start at the very beginning of the process of creating a tapestry:  how to use source material or  inspirational material.  You can use drawings, photographs, illustrations. In this example,  I did drawings of my favorite trees in the back garden and selected one drawing that had the simplest blocks of color and shapes that I thought could translate into a woven tapestry.

I tend to use the drawings as a starting place and refer back to them for guidance but do not  translate the drawing exactly into a tapestry. I try to keep as my goal: simplify, simplify, simplify.

Your source material is like  using a recipe for a cake- you can follow the instructions and get a delicious cake at the end of the process, and be very satisfied with the result. Or you can throw in some of your favorite ingredients, mix them up with some new spices and see what happens.


Our last tapestry session for the year is on  Friday, December 15, 2017 at  1-3pm, the Hirsch Center,  Revolution Mill, Studio 130, Greensboro.

Knitting at Mark’s mountain house..

Knitting another baby hat, this time for my 10 month old niece, Elaia.

I am ‘way behind schedule…. by about 10 months.

It’s almost done- I need to sew in the pom-pom and then it will be ready to send off to Spain, in time for Christmas.




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