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It’s been a full year since we started the drop-in tapestry class, and we have some beautiful tapestries in the works.

It’s very exciting to see the work unfolding! The photographs don’t do justice to the colors and textures of the work. We plan to have a show – hopefully in October during our art auction fund-raiser where you can visit and see the work for yourself.

Chipper’s Mondrian tapestry

Heddy is working on a sample of different techniques

Wendy is inspired by a landscape scene, and is blending different yarns together and embroidering on top of the top of her weaving to get the colors and textures she wants

Joan has woven a textural whirlpool of color

Joan’s landscape with flamingo. She has frayed and brushed up some of the yarns to create even more texture

And now for something completely different-

Very tasteful addition to a tree in Edinburgh

A different approach to a tree in Mussleburgh, complete with pom poms

Love the flowers on the tree trunk!

Yarn bombing in Edinburgh at the St. James’ Center and a slew of yarn bombs in Mussleburgh.

Thanks to Louisa and Marianne for the photos!



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