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Lots of inspirational spinning ideas from “Intertwined” The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns, and Creative Spinning by Lext Boeger.

We had our first Handspinning Class for Beginners, at Revolution Mill on Friday, February 8th.

Everyone, without exception, spun some gorgeous yarns with their own personal drop spindle. The drop spindles were made of old cd’s, a wooden dowel, rubber grommet and hook. Instructions about how to make your own drop spindle are from interweave press at:

“Intertwined” gives examples of how to knit, crochet and weave hats and scarves, sweaters, bags and -one of the easiest project and my personal favorite– shoelaces! 

Cathie is spinning with some Corriedale fibers. She is spinning in a clock-wise direction, and adding different lengths of colored fibers as she spins.

Josefina showing her felted geode from our felt class in January

Some of my plied yarn is spun from Merino fibers

Following in the tradition of

the Great Wall of China,

Hadrian’s wall in Northumberland, England,

the East Berlin wall in Germany..

Presenting the very first section of The PomPom wall of North America…

If we start from the concept that all the other great walls failed in their objective to keep people apart, then we start with a distinct advantage with the pom pom wall.


BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE FOREST, was accepted by the juror, Jane Kidd, into Small Tapestry International 6: Beyond the Edge. The juror considered 116 tapestries and 43 were accepted into the show.

Beyond the Edge of the Forest (6 ” x 9″) tapestry and latch hook


Beyond The Edge of the Forest

At the edge of the forest is where the dark fairy stories start. Traditionally the forest is forbidden and dangerous. In the tapestry, the meadow edge is tufted and rugged up to the edge of the forest where it  becomes smooth and intense as we travel deeper into the space.

Maybe it’s time for a new story- a new adventure.

More baby Hats!

I picked up some alpaca yarn samples during a trip to Colorado years ago, all natural fibers, soft and lightweight.

Finally worked out a project where I can use the small amounts of the different natural colors- baby hats!

Luckily there is no shortage of babies this year..

Baby hat for Cora and Dara’s baby sister- due March, 2019

Baby hat for Earline’s grand daughter, born December 2018.


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