Friday, March 8, 2019

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese dye resist techniques– we wrapped paper around wooden towels and cardboard cylinders tied on with cotton twine and rubber bands. Then we painted with different colored dyes …with some lovely results..!The resists block the dyes and form unpredictable patterns.

Our Goal? To allow things to happen without judgement. To be spontaneous and enjoy the results.

Sarah, a self confessed”non-creative person” shows off her stack of beautiful tie dye papers


Renee made some fabulous prints with plastic square resists and clothespegs

Cindy wrapped, tied, painted and …and did handpainting and finger painting

Wendy pleated her papers in different directions for some lovely herringbone effects

Elaine pleated her paper and applied plastic square resists on top of the pleated papers- then re-dyed