Were we were going to get to the opening or not?

An unexpected visit to the emergency department and hospital, and a tapestry labeled for the wrong destination..things were not looking good

Yet it all came together, at the Foothills Arts Council in Elkin, on Sunday afternoon on September 1, 2019.

In a beautiful house with a circular wrap around porch, the Tapestry Weavers South had an impressive display of tapestries from Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. Leslie Fesperman helped to pull it all together, and it was a pleasure to meet with fellow tapestry weavers from Tapestry Weavers South. My husband, daughter and grandchildren were given a warm welcome and the company and the exhibit was delightful. Leslie showed me their studio spaces upstairs, where they offer classes in fiber arts to children and adults. What a fabulous resource for Elkin and the surrounding area.

I took photos of nearly everyone’s work but I missed a couple of pieces for which I apologize. I was distracted talking to everyone ( which was fun!) and never did get back to finish photographing all the tapestries. If anyone has images of the artists I missed, and you want to send them to me, I will be happy to show them on the blog.

The photos don’t do justice to colors and textures of the tapestries- the best way to see them is up close and personal.

Lily Layers on Mountain Island lake by Linda G. Weghorst. The yarns sparkle in this piece with incredible details

Sabilieres de Bretagne by Helene Crie Wiesner. Images from a French Breton church. A bold medieval style tapestry. Apologies to Helene for butchering her name


Breaking out of the grid by April Price. An intriguing tapestry which has 3-dimensional folds running accross the colors

Landscape 11 by Jennifer Sargent. A substantial, large tapestry which appears to be delicate

Fiddleheads Return by Tommye Scalin. Another lovely piece by Tommye where she uses subtle color shading to create the forms

Untitled by Jacqueline Mehring. Sitting beside Tommye’s tapestry and Nancy Duggers tapestry. Glad there was a space for me!


Almost 5 by Terri Bryson. There are a lot of deep rich colors in this small and fun tapestry

Dingle Cliff Walk by Laurie O’Neill. A lovely tiny tapestry, full of detail and atmosphere

Connection by Connie Lippert. Woven with natural dyes, I found myself returning to this tapestry many times.

Broken by Dorina Scalia. A very mysterious tapestry that needs some time to study it- I can see there might be many ways to interpret this piece

Fine Print by Michelle Elliott.This is woven with handspun newspaper- beautiful texture, appears like seeds. This is a tapestry that needs to be seen up close to appreciate

Out of the darkness by Nancy Dugger. Very rich dark colors with lots of texture, tension and emotion.

River Flow by Joan Griffin. A strong, bold design with dry and shining contrasting fibers

Losing it and Negative Positive by Rebecca Stevens. Both pieces are very delicate designs woven in linen- with a weathered/faded appearance