It would be fair to say everyone has been challenged in 2020 with the corona virus pandemic.

My response to the waves of fear and feelings of helplessness has been to create something I believe is too difficult for me to do and I’m doing it anyway to prove myself wrong.

My latest tapestry is 4′ x  4′  daylily and since I don’t have a 4′ loom, I’m making 16 x 12″ tapestries.

It’s all about working within limitations, creating individual pieces that are successful in themselves and successful as pieces of a bigger composition too. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The first section of 4 x 12″ tapestry pieces

Oh yeah, it’s a much bigger scale than my previous 6″ x 8′ tapestries and in a coarser construction.

I’m now working on my second section of 4 x 12″ tapestry pieces.