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Overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains

My friend Connie and I were lucky enough to get a place at the Gathering at Wild Acres Retreat, off the Blue Ridge Parkway beside Little Switzerland.

It’s a beautiful setting, on top of a mountain enclosed by higher mountain ridges. The building and furniture is very much influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, from the early 20th century.

the reception area

The reception area

The deck on the North House

Artists, writers, poets, potters, quilters, knitters, musicians and photographers gather to work on their own projects while enjoying each others company, the fantastic views and delicious food.

The start of the “Gingerbread House” tapestry

I went out sketching and started a small tapestry based on a sketch of a cabin, hidden by trees…

Meanwhile, Connie did some exciting knitted wire jewelry and some inspirational chrochet trims.

Connie’s experimental crochet trims




More baby Hats!

I picked up some alpaca yarn samples during a trip to Colorado years ago, all natural fibers, soft and lightweight.

Finally worked out a project where I can use the small amounts of the different natural colors- baby hats!

Luckily there is no shortage of babies this year..

Baby hat for Cora and Dara’s baby sister- due March, 2019

Baby hat for Earline’s grand daughter, born December 2018.

My great-nephew Coen is ready

for a Scottish winter in his hand knitted hat from Outlandish Knits in North Carolina

His big smile is as bright as the colors in his hat


Check out more Outlandish Knits at

Tell me what you think of the show at the Artist Reception on Friday evening 6-9pm on January 25!

The Resolutions 2019 Show will hang at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts from January 7 to January 31, 2019.

Guest Juror for the awards :Sarah Schroth, Director of Nasher Museum of Art

Show Chair: Alice Levinson

My resolution for 2019: Violence is the outcome in a culture that promotes fear and anger. My resolution: to create guns that can never kill, using the continuous loop of the knitting stitch as a metaphor for our connection with each other.

A reception will be held on January 25, from 6-9pm

Happy Mothers Day: knittted.375 magnum caliber revolver

The Kuusisto Art Manor

Welcome to the Art Manor!

is a private art gallery situated in one of the oldest log houses in Finland. It is located on Kuusisto island in South Western Finland, 170 km west of Helsinki, 17 km from Turku. In 2013 the almost 300 year old log house was transformed into the Kuusisto Art Manor, a unique multi-sensory meeting place for contemporary art surrounded by an ancient fruit orchard. Dr. Merja Markkula is the visionary and enthusiastic artist/scientist who runs the gallery from May- September each year. Merja was our gracious and inspirational host for our visit to the Art Manor.

The group of silent embroiderers sewing for the “common cause” In the background, a phototransfer print by Julie Dixon

The scene was set by the appearance of a group of women artists, dressed in white lace tops and aprons, with lace hats and lace hankerchiefs over their mouths. They sat embroidering in complete silence, moving as a group from room to room.

Minnamarina Tammi -twining paper and paper mache

The gallery uses only natural light, which added a tranquil and ethereal quality to the experience. Other pieces that resonated with this quality, were  hand woven paper daisies and hand embroidery on an old sheet that belonged to the artist’s grandmother.

Presentation showing  lego cowboy representing the 19th century American doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”

Guernsey Boy Gun. The gun is wearing a protective guernsey sweater, designed to protect sailors at sea

Happy Mother’s Day. The gun is dressed in the typical pattern stitches of a baby matinee coat

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

I presented my talk about art and violence , creating art as a way to transform objects of fear and violence into knitted objects that reflect cultural values of caring, commitment and support. It was a great honor to present my artwork and have the opportunity to give a presentation at the Art Manor. Everyone spoke perfect english, and in kindness and consideration for their english-speaking guests, the following two talks were presented in english too. Many thanks to everyone who came to the  presentation, including my husband, my sister Marianne and her husband Marc. I was so impressed by the hospitality, kindness and creativity of all the Finish people that we met on our travels to Turku and Helsinki.  Special thanks to Merja and her husband for inviting us to their home and for their hospitality and delightful company.

Thank you, Marianne, for a comment you made about the knitted guns.

You mentioned that the knitted guns are “toy-like” which sometimes means that they are perceived as smaller than “real ” guns.

This is the .22 rifle, roughly modeled on the James Bond-style gun.

The James Bond’s baby Bond gun is the antithesis of what James Bond stands for :- soft, cuddly, vulnerable, helpless and totally dependent on the care and attention of others with no control over it’s fate. It can be molded and squeezed into different shapes and spaces.

The James Bond’s baby Bond gun is made slightly larger than life size.

The.22 rifle appears to be bigger, just as difficult and violent people can appear bigger because they can cause you harm.

Recently, there has been a growing trend to design smaller guns in an effort to make them more consumer “friendly.”




Remember when you were a kid at school and the teacher would thump  your desk and yell- “Pay Attention!”

(Ok, so maybe I’m just talking about my experience at school….)

Barbie is on her way to Finland, to Kuusiston Taidekartano to be part of  ” Imagine a better future…”  with her BFF  friendship gun holster. She has 17 knitted bullets for the 17 children killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida,  spring 2018.

Hallo out there

Have we forgotten already what happened there?  Are we paying attention to what’s going on in our schools? Are we paying attention to what’s happening to our kids?

Do we think it’s some kind of game?

How else can we explain why there has been no legislation to control indiscriminate access to guns?

My hope for a better future is with the school children who have come together, in Florida and elsewhere, to protest and fight for their rights and ultimately their lives.

Here’s the thing- what are the grown-ups doing to help them?


And now for something completely different-

Very tasteful addition to a tree in Edinburgh

A different approach to a tree in Mussleburgh, complete with pom poms

Love the flowers on the tree trunk!

Yarn bombing in Edinburgh at the St. James’ Center and a slew of yarn bombs in Mussleburgh.

Thanks to Louisa and Marianne for the photos!



no one’s scared of a knitted gun of silver and plum mohair, right?

How about a nice knitted machine gun ?

Getting my knitted arsenal together for the exhibition at Kuusiston Taidekartano, Finland, where my talk on September 2, will be about dealing with our fears without resorting to violence.

The exhibition will run from  August 12- September 14, 2018



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