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This is an Oxford punch needle # 10 and officially called a rug hooking needle

My trusty punch needle that has lasted years, broke. When I sent off for a new one, I accidentally ordered the wrong size- a much smaller needle. Rather than re-ordering, I decided to go in the opposite direction by trying a bigger needle, one I had bought 3 years ago- in Colorado.

Then I discovered- my embroidery yarns are too fine for this big boy. Luckily for me, I have a rich stash of silk scarves, silk hankies and fabrics scraps, just waiting for the opportunity to be cut into strips and threaded into the punch needle.

A very different look-it has a much more fragmented image than the embroidery threads, maybe because the strips are not uniform in size, or of the same fiber composition. I’m going to see where this goes.


On Saturday, October 8, 2017,  at the Hirsch Wellness Silent Auction  my punch needle piece “First Things First” was auctioned, along with 120 other pieces of art to help raise funds for free art classes for cancer survivors and carers.  A lovely evening of great art, music, food and wine.

Way to go, Mona

A few days before the auction, at our September community fiber  drop-in class, Mona completed her first tapestry

Finally finished  my latest punch needle piece called “Open.” I’ve  always liked the idea of a secret place that was full of treasure that you could access  if  you knew the “magic words.”   Maybe we can create our own secret place with treasure and invent our own magic words, that would work, would n’t it?

Not completed in time for the show in July  2017 at the NC Craft Gallery


This is a sketch from a few years ago which started as an idea about my aunt Sue and became the source for the next punch needle. She had died earlier that year. The sketch has a sad and chaotic feel, although the colors are bright yellow and pink and not usually associated with sadness and grief.

It changed along the way into something quite different once it was translated into a punch needle piece. I don’t know why the bird hopped from the shoulder to the hand but I think it had to do with balancing out the shapes in the composition.


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