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Some star examples from our workshop last Friday at the Hirsch Center..

We had 11 participants. Many thanks to everyone who came and made it through the torrential rain and hard to find parking spots because of the snow blocking many of the parking spaces. Thank you!

Tori creating a new star using her school colors of yellow and black

Chipper with two stars, each side of the star in a different color

Kathy showing her interlaced 2-colored star

Eileen- keeping it sophisticated in pure white

Emilie who insisted she couldn’t make a star..oh yeah..


Yes, we have just had the earliest winter snow storm since 1930!

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Hopefully the snow should be all gone by Friday, December 14, for our woven Carolina Snowflake class at the Hirsch Wellness Center at Revolution Mill. The class is  1-3pm and all materials will be provided as usual.

The Carolina Snowflake makes a lovely handmade Christmas decoration, that looks stunning hanging from a light, hanging on a Christmas tree, hanging on the wall and as a gift tag ( depending on the size of the gift and the tag!)

Wendy’s tapestry progress. Her composition is building up beautifully. Note that the magazine illustration is the jumping off point for her own expression of the path before her

Judi’s latch hook piece expressing her experience of grief: darkness with some light punctuating the black with yellow appearing at the edges

Staci’s piece is about how she deals with working at the hospital while getting treatment: everything is in it’s own compartment and she is working very hard for the compartments to harmonize with each other

First Latch hooking session at the Art Table, Thursday October 2018

The Cancer Center, Wesley Long Hospital, Greensboro

From 10-2pm, all classes are free and materials are provided

All ages welcome!

We have four more sessions for the month of October :

Thursday, October 11, 10-2 pm

Wednesday October 17, 10- 2pm

Friday, October 26, 10- 2pm

Tuesday, October 30, 10- 2pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the creation of a fabulous wall hanging for the Cancer Center lobby !


The Kuusisto Art Manor

Welcome to the Art Manor!

is a private art gallery situated in one of the oldest log houses in Finland. It is located on Kuusisto island in South Western Finland, 170 km west of Helsinki, 17 km from Turku. In 2013 the almost 300 year old log house was transformed into the Kuusisto Art Manor, a unique multi-sensory meeting place for contemporary art surrounded by an ancient fruit orchard. Dr. Merja Markkula is the visionary and enthusiastic artist/scientist who runs the gallery from May- September each year. Merja was our gracious and inspirational host for our visit to the Art Manor.

The group of silent embroiderers sewing for the “common cause” In the background, a phototransfer print by Julie Dixon

The scene was set by the appearance of a group of women artists, dressed in white lace tops and aprons, with lace hats and lace hankerchiefs over their mouths. They sat embroidering in complete silence, moving as a group from room to room.

Minnamarina Tammi -twining paper and paper mache

The gallery uses only natural light, which added a tranquil and ethereal quality to the experience. Other pieces that resonated with this quality, were  hand woven paper daisies and hand embroidery on an old sheet that belonged to the artist’s grandmother.

Presentation showing  lego cowboy representing the 19th century American doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”

Guernsey Boy Gun. The gun is wearing a protective guernsey sweater, designed to protect sailors at sea

Happy Mother’s Day. The gun is dressed in the typical pattern stitches of a baby matinee coat

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

I presented my talk about art and violence , creating art as a way to transform objects of fear and violence into knitted objects that reflect cultural values of caring, commitment and support. It was a great honor to present my artwork and have the opportunity to give a presentation at the Art Manor. Everyone spoke perfect english, and in kindness and consideration for their english-speaking guests, the following two talks were presented in english too. Many thanks to everyone who came to the  presentation, including my husband, my sister Marianne and her husband Marc. I was so impressed by the hospitality, kindness and creativity of all the Finish people that we met on our travels to Turku and Helsinki.  Special thanks to Merja and her husband for inviting us to their home and for their hospitality and delightful company.

It’s been a full year since we started the drop-in tapestry class, and we have some beautiful tapestries in the works.

It’s very exciting to see the work unfolding! The photographs don’t do justice to the colors and textures of the work. We plan to have a show – hopefully in October during our art auction fund-raiser where you can visit and see the work for yourself.

Chipper’s Mondrian tapestry

Heddy is working on a sample of different techniques

Wendy is inspired by a landscape scene, and is blending different yarns together and embroidering on top of the top of her weaving to get the colors and textures she wants

Joan has woven a textural whirlpool of color

Joan’s landscape with flamingo. She has frayed and brushed up some of the yarns to create even more texture


no one’s scared of a knitted gun of silver and plum mohair, right?

How about a nice knitted machine gun ?

Getting my knitted arsenal together for the exhibition at Kuusiston Taidekartano, Finland, where my talk on September 2, will be about dealing with our fears without resorting to violence.

The exhibition will run from  August 12- September 14, 2018


I met lynn while she was waiting for chemo in the infusion room. She was a complete beginner, as most of our participants are, and is starting to weave blocks together by twisting the yarns between each section.

Chipper’s 2nd tapestry completed. He was playing with creating warp lines.

It’s been 10 months since we started our free monthly drop-in tapestry class, and we are starting to build up a solid group of participants. I’m learning to offer adaptive techniques- such as using a big darning needle to weave if there are difficulties with pushing the weft between the warp ends.

Dot has almost completed her tapestry; next month she plans to mount it in a wooden frame. She says she has just the right place to display it- beside a ceramic vase with the same colors as the tapestry

Nona is almost done- or so she says..

Slowly but surely, tapestries are being completed, different techniques are incorporated and concerns about presentation are explored. Our next session is  April 13.

Chipper’s first tapestry- which he has since mounted on a canvas and calls”American Devil“. 

Hedy has her own loom at home where she weaves bulky tapestries with lots of texture. I am trying to persuade her to bring her tapestries to class, so we can all see them and admire them too.

Our last tapestry session for the year is on  Friday, December 15, 2017 at  1-3pm, the Hirsch Center,  Revolution Mill, Studio 130, Greensboro.

Nona adding a red outline to her golden triangle

Wendy followed instructions on youtube as to how to weave a perfect circle- she did a great job

Weaving a tapestry is not something that you can weave up overnight- no matter how hard and long you work. It’s a process that demands that you slow down and pay attention. And for that very reason, it can be very calming and meditative. Thanks to everyone who came to our drop- in session last week at the Hirsch Wellness Network, Revolution Mill.


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