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This is a sketch from a few years ago which started as an idea about my aunt Sue and became the source for the next punch needle. She had died earlier that year. The sketch has a sad and chaotic feel, although the colors are bright yellow and pink and not usually associated with sadness and grief.

It changed along the way into something quite different once it was translated into a punch needle piece. I don’t know why the bird hopped from the shoulder to the hand but I think it had to do with balancing out the shapes in the composition.



Opening Reception at the Hillsborough Art Council Gallery
6-9pm May 29, 2015



                          Why is my work space so chaotic ?


About half way through the latest punch needle piece; going to add more yellow, as in one of my favorite paintings by Fragonard



          A Young Girl Reading c. 1776  Jean – Honore Fragonard 

In this art show, I’m going to display the artwork source that led to my punch needle piece.


Here are some orchid sketches and here is the orchid punch             needle piece


Come and see the Show!



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