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Hello, February 2022

My latest embroideries are inspired by the Haitian art flags of dazzling colors and shining sequins.

Harmony from the Heart Sutra

My first piece was a mandala from the heart sutra and that led naturally to the heart for Valentine’s Day


For a Positive Spin on New Year’s Resolutions..

My 2016 New Year resolution is accomplished already!

Finished my first art piece for 2016

'young man asleap' finished

Sounds so much better than…I never got it finished before the end of 2015…



A beautiful weekend at the Trinity Center with lots of warm up exercises, painting, collage and a totally unplanned plien air painting session, overlooking Bogue Sound as the sun sets.

An image of a  horse from splashing sepia acrylic ink on raw canvas by Louisa


A young man appears out of nowhere while I am focusing on a color exercise about color relationships: what’s that all about?The warm up exercises help to access emotions and experiences that lie underneath everyday consciousness.


Marilyn creates a collage with hand decorated and stamped paper while Chrystal completes a painting commission . Joan creates a microscopic monoprint world as Toni illustrates the memory of an osprey that she glimpsed on a tree branch overlooking Bogue Sound.DSCN8741 (3)

DSCN8766 DSCN8755DSCN8773

Discordant Notes

I heard recently on the radio that since the 20th century, musicians have been adding more and more “discordant” notes to their music. Seemingly, the theory was that the harsh and discordant notes helped to emphasize and intensify the beauty of the harmonious passages.

What if you have a piece that has discord and appears to have no resolution? Does this make for an unsuccessful piece?


“Not Talking”
Two people at odds with each other and there are no signs of a meeting of minds.


The punch needle piece on the far right, puts the two figures in separate worlds. Does each artwork, like a novel, have to have a resolution within it ‘s structure?


Reconquering Burgundy, resurrecting Charles the Bold

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art in fibers and fabric


art in fibers and fabric