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Korean masters – 김윤선 색실누비 장인 /심현철기자

Beautiful Saeksil Nubi from Kim Yoon-Sun’s studio in Anguk-Dong from : Saeksil Nubi: colorful quilting. The Korean Times.

Korean masters – 김윤선 색실누비 장인 /심현철기자

One of the challenges of teaching textile techniques is finding new fiber and textile techniques to play with. Luckily, there is a whole world of beautiful and inspirational embroidered and quilted fabrics in the Folk Art tradition just waiting to be explored.


Last weekend was spent relaxing and making embroidered Folk Art Christmas decorations for family and friends at the Chestnut Creek farmhouse. Outside was cold and rainy. Inside was snug and warm, surrounded by the gorgeous colors of felt and embroidery threads.

8 days left to Christmas! And working on my 19th decoration…Still have a few more to do before Christmas Eve.


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