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Workshops from January -May 2022

Weaving Miniature Tapestry Portraits at

In this ongoing workshop, enjoy creating a miniature tapestry of yourself, a loved one or beloved pet!

We will weave on a small cardboard loom to explore and enjoy this relaxing and therapeutic art form. Warp and weft yarns are provided, and participants are encouraged to use their own yarns and threads in their tapestries.


Drawing inspiration from the beautiful embroidered work of Hillary Waters Fayle, we created our own embroidered botanical embroideries with magnolia leaves.

I love the connection with nature as well as the idea of impermanence.

Hillary says that some of her main stitches are running stitch, back stitch and couching.

two of my embroidered leaves

I tried all 3 stitches- and added seed stitch from our stitch embellishment class

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop on May 13th!

Hirsch Wellness Network at 1-2.30pm on Thursday, January 28, 2021

This workshop was inspired by textile artist Gabriela Martinez Ortiz. She is a Mexican-based designer, and creator of Ofelia & Antelmo, a textile art project based on hand embroidery.Her work is governed by the philosophy of the Slow Movement, a cultural revolution that values processes, enjoyment and the calming art of slow-making.

Learn the relaxing and mindful art of embroidery.We will work with 3 simple stitches to create different surface patterns that can be used to embellish clothing, bookbags or decorate pillows

Looking at Maria Prymachenko’s folk art drawings for design ideas for our Folk Art Embroidered Christmas Ornaments class

Maria’s fantastical beast with radiating circles for eyes
Elephant with stars

Stitch Inspiration from “Modern Folk Embroidery” by Nancy Nicholson

The Hirsch Wellness Network, Monday November 23, 2020

We had a relaxing and fun zoom class ( yes, it can be done!) yesterday. I demonstrated how to make a paper tissue bowl- adding decorative tissue paper from the dollar store. In some ways, this class was easier to teach with zoom, since everyone could let their balloons dry overnight at home without having to worry about having to transport the wet bowls from class- which we did last year.

On December 14, 2020

Join us for a Folk Art Embroidered Felt Decoration Class

With the Hirsh Wellness Network at 6-7.30pm

The fabulous colors and patterns of the Eastern European Folk Artist Maria Prymachenko, will be our inspiration for our embroidered felt Christmas decorations. We will using the running stitch and simple variations of the running stitch to decorate our felt decorations.

We will be inspired to create our own narrative, to embroider the elements of our own culture and lives. In the year 2020, how will that narrative be affected by our experience with covid?

All materials are provided. Please register to get materials kit and zoom link for December 14, 2020

Yes, we have just had the earliest winter snow storm since 1930!

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Hopefully the snow should be all gone by Friday, December 14, for our woven Carolina Snowflake class at the Hirsch Wellness Center at Revolution Mill. The class is  1-3pm and all materials will be provided as usual.

The Carolina Snowflake makes a lovely handmade Christmas decoration, that looks stunning hanging from a light, hanging on a Christmas tree, hanging on the wall and as a gift tag ( depending on the size of the gift and the tag!)

Wendy’s tapestry progress. Her composition is building up beautifully. Note that the magazine illustration is the jumping off point for her own expression of the path before her

Judi’s latch hook piece expressing her experience of grief: darkness with some light punctuating the black with yellow appearing at the edges

Staci’s piece is about how she deals with working at the hospital while getting treatment: everything is in it’s own compartment and she is working very hard for the compartments to harmonize with each other

First Latch hooking session at the Art Table, Thursday October 2018

The Cancer Center, Wesley Long Hospital, Greensboro

From 10-2pm, all classes are free and materials are provided

All ages welcome!

We have four more sessions for the month of October :

Thursday, October 11, 10-2 pm

Wednesday October 17, 10- 2pm

Friday, October 26, 10- 2pm

Tuesday, October 30, 10- 2pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the creation of a fabulous wall hanging for the Cancer Center lobby !


Louise,  founder and fearless leader for Hirsch Wellness Network suggested that we “mix it up” and offer new fiber art activities for Fall 2018.  We have had tapestry classes for a year now, and have an established group who will be exhibiting their work at the October Art Auction.

It’s time to broaden our offerings.

Meanwhile, several volunteers have suggested latch hooking.

My friend and fellow artist Chrystal once observed, “You have to do ugly before you get to beauty.”   Experience tells us that some art has to go through severe growing pains before it emerges from the ugly duckling stage. From my memories of latch hooking rugs and throws, I ‘m not sure if I saw  latch hook fabrics make it to their swan stage …

 I like a challenge

So I explored Reconsidered Goods on the corner of Holden and Patterson in Greensboro and was thrilled to find these 70’s rug yarn treasures-

bright orange (100% polyester) (love that sheen!)

florescent green, sage green and basil green ( 60% wool,40% nylon)

bright pink ( 100% DuPont Orlon acrylic)

baby blue and navy blue ( 100% acrylic) ( with that shiny ‘static electric ‘ sparkle!)

white and cream( 100% new Zealand wool)

Coming up next…

Adapting ideas and sketches for the scale of  4 stitches per inch on cotton/polyester canvas..






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