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A beautiful weekend at the Trinity Center with lots of warm up exercises, painting, collage and a totally unplanned plien air painting session, overlooking Bogue Sound as the sun sets.

An image of a  horse from splashing sepia acrylic ink on raw canvas by Louisa


A young man appears out of nowhere while I am focusing on a color exercise about color relationships: what’s that all about?The warm up exercises help to access emotions and experiences that lie underneath everyday consciousness.


Marilyn creates a collage with hand decorated and stamped paper while Chrystal completes a painting commission . Joan creates a microscopic monoprint world as Toni illustrates the memory of an osprey that she glimpsed on a tree branch overlooking Bogue Sound.DSCN8741 (3)

DSCN8766 DSCN8755DSCN8773


Introducing a structured and relaxed approach to art with techniques to encourage students to push through to a deeper level of personal expression.

Friday, September 18

1-5.30 pm  Afternoon session with Chrystal Hardt and Jacqui Mehring

Introductions and warm up exercises where we will create a personal vocabulary of drawing and mark making in preparation for this weekend’s projects

3-3.30 break

6-7 pm Dinner

7.00 pm Social gathering

Saturday, September 19

8-9am Breakfast

9 am Morning session with Chrystal Hardt

Relax into painting! Chrystal will discuss and demonstrate techniques that will help you approach painting in a relaxed and productive way.

Paint without boundaries!

12-1pm Lunch

1pm Afternoon session with Jacqui Mehring

Jacqui will review and demonstrate how to introduce  fundamental art elements into your collage “painting” by ripping, tearing , gluing and painting using brushes, fingers, and baby wipes.

collage example


3-3.30pm break

5pm Group show and tell

6-7 pm Dinner

7pm Open studio

Sunday, September 20

8-9am Breakfast

9am Morning session with Jacqui Mehring

Jacqui will review and discuss the different composition designs for painting and collage and we will explore this in paining, drawing or collage or all three!

12-1pm Lunch

1pm. Afternoon session with Chrystal Hardt

Building on the composition exploration from this morning, Chrystal will demonstrate how to use “movable” compositional elements.

3-3.30 pm break

5pm Group show and tell.

6-7 pm Dinner

7pm Wrap up.

Monday, September 21

8-9am Breakfast and farewells.

Workshop Materials List

For Painting : Acrylic paints , paint brushes, sketch pads, canvas (different sizes) containers for water, roll of paper towels, Apron, table easel or standing easel, acrylic medium, acrylic glaze

For drawing: Pencils, markers, crayons, chalks, pencil sharpener, pens

For collage: Magazines, glue sticks, fabric pieces, threads, wrapping paper, silver paper, old books, baby wipes

*There will be lots of collage materials available

Show and Tell These critique sessions are designed for constructive feedback in a positive and supportive environment.

Any last minute questions or concerns? Call Jacqui at 336-269-2532 or Chrystal at 336-599-8587

collage and painting

art preview 2  art preview party 3

On Sunday, August 16, We had a garden/art preview party for the upcoming Art Retreat at The Trinity Center on September 18-21

photo (6)art preview party 4

 Lots of painting, collage and of course-delicious food (Not pictured!)




Opening Reception at the Hillsborough Art Council Gallery
6-9pm May 29, 2015



                          Why is my work space so chaotic ?


About half way through the latest punch needle piece; going to add more yellow, as in one of my favorite paintings by Fragonard



          A Young Girl Reading c. 1776  Jean – Honore Fragonard 

In this art show, I’m going to display the artwork source that led to my punch needle piece.


Here are some orchid sketches and here is the orchid punch             needle piece


Come and see the Show!


Art Retreat Workshop at the Beach

Upcoming Painting and Collage weekend workshop at the Crystal Coast!

My friend and fellow artist, Chrystal Hardt and myself are putting together a weekend retreat at the beach, where experienced and beginning artists can come together to find inspiration and guidance in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Watch this space for further details!


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