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The latest update on Focus: Fiber 2016 opening

It will be on February 12, 2016 at Kent State University Museum, Blum and Stager galleries. will be early evening with refreshments.

Focus : Fiber 2016 is a juried exhibition by the Textile Alliance at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The exhibition will be from February 12- July 3, 2016.

The juror was Jane Sauer,  a fabulous internationally renowned fiber artist .

golden boy full size

Golden Boy

fragonard girl

Fragonard girl


Lost on Fulford Road

What an honor to have three punch needle pieces selected for the show!


cora's cardy for winnter 2015

…And the start of a new punch needle piece

Cora’s Thanksgiving cardy is ready! Of course, it may not arrive in Scotland in time for Thanksgiving but since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Scotland -that’s ok. Fiona, my six year old grand daughter and fashion guru, says that this is a rainbow design, as the colors change and are in different combinations on each side and on each sleeve.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to my latest punch needle and finish  up before Christmas…

This is the beginning of a piece called ‘Young man asleap/dead’ and is a challenging piece. The image shows the work from the back, which is how the work is created.

It may appear incongruous to have dark subject matter for a punch needle made out of embroidery floss and only 8 or 9″ wide but surfaces, even surfaces of colored loops, can be surprisingly expressive.

For this work,  I have started to hand dye -on a very small scale-some white embroidery threads to try match some colors from my paintings for the punch needles. Now I’m thinking, because it really is very small amounts of yarns- maybe it would be easier to just paint directly onto the threads, rather than dyeing the threads in a dye bath. It will be interesting to see if the hand dyed yarns add/change anything in the overall composition.

back of 'young man asleap'

'young man asleap'




Upcoming Show!

I am thrilled to report that the HandWeavers Guild of America has selected two of my punch needle pieces for their International juried show at the Fine Line Creative Art Center in St. Charles, Illinois, USA from June 1- September 7, 2013
Please see their press release at http://
For more details!

Meanwhile, there is one corner left to do, on The night bird


A closer look reveals other areas that need attention


There can be a great reluctance to finish a piece, and it sometimes feels that the closer one comes to completion, the harder it is to keep the piece “vital” and “alive”


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