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The catalogue for the exhibit “Focus:Fiber 2016” showing  “Golden Boy”

Is this the first time that a punch needle piece has made it to the front cover of a National Fiber Art Exhibit catalog?

Very excited and honored to be part of this National Contemporary Fiber Art Show.

On Friday, June 17th, don’t miss the lecture by International Fiber Artist Jane Sauer at the Cleveland Museum of Art .

On Saturday, June 18th, Jane will present a Critique Workshop

On Sunday, June 19th, Jane will give a presentation on Gallery/Artist practices.

'Golden Boy' at Kent State (2)



painting and drawing of 'on guard '

Rollin’, rollin, rollin, keep them dogies rollin’…

So many artists say…

…..that the best way to keep work moving, is to work on more than one piece at a time.

This is the start of a new piece called “Raw hide” showing a printout  from my original painting traced onto the fabric with pencil and colored pencils. Adding color pencil to the fabric is a new thing for me-and it’s proving to be very helpful in selecting the range of color threads for different sections of the work.

The pencil drawing is not exact by any means, it’s a starting point.

Paint colors read very differently from embroidery threads so colors that work in a painting, will not read  the same when translated into colored loops. This leads to constant adjustments as colored threads are juxtaposed against each other.


Opening Reception at the Hillsborough Art Council Gallery
6-9pm May 29, 2015



                          Why is my work space so chaotic ?


About half way through the latest punch needle piece; going to add more yellow, as in one of my favorite paintings by Fragonard



          A Young Girl Reading c. 1776  Jean – Honore Fragonard 

In this art show, I’m going to display the artwork source that led to my punch needle piece.


Here are some orchid sketches and here is the orchid punch             needle piece


Come and see the Show!


Honorable Mention for punch needle piece from the Southeastern Fiber Arts Alliance

I am very excited to report that one of my punchneedle pieces was accepted for the Intertwined contemporary Southeastern Fiber Art Show, January 2015 at the Hudgens Center for the Arts, 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Bldg. 3000, Duluth,GA 30097

Thank you so much, SEFFA, for the honorable mention!


Detail from “Lost on Fulford Road”

It’s a traveling exhibit that goes from Duluth, to Atlanta, Barnesville and Valdosta. For more information, please visit the SEFAA website at home/ events

Georgia, here I come!

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth”
“When Things Fall Apart ” by Pema Chodron


This is a collage that started with words and there does n’t seem to be a correlation between the words and the image of a tiny bird on a rock.

I ‘m playing with the idea that a salt “solution” can be used to heal infections.


This led to the tiniest punch needle

Discordant Notes

I heard recently on the radio that since the 20th century, musicians have been adding more and more “discordant” notes to their music. Seemingly, the theory was that the harsh and discordant notes helped to emphasize and intensify the beauty of the harmonious passages.

What if you have a piece that has discord and appears to have no resolution? Does this make for an unsuccessful piece?


“Not Talking”
Two people at odds with each other and there are no signs of a meeting of minds.


The punch needle piece on the far right, puts the two figures in separate worlds. Does each artwork, like a novel, have to have a resolution within it ‘s structure?


Reconquering Burgundy, resurrecting Charles the Bold

Cooking Without Limits

Food Photography & Recipes

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Photography, Animals, Flowers, Nature, Sky

Fibre art by Jean Ottosen

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art in fibers and fabric


art in fibers and fabric