Louise,  founder and fearless leader for Hirsch Wellness Network suggested that we “mix it up” and offer new fiber art activities for Fall 2018.  We have had tapestry classes for a year now, and have an established group who will be exhibiting their work at the October Art Auction.

It’s time to broaden our offerings.

Meanwhile, several volunteers have suggested latch hooking.

My friend and fellow artist Chrystal once observed, “You have to do ugly before you get to beauty.”   Experience tells us that some art has to go through severe growing pains before it emerges from the ugly duckling stage. From my memories of latch hooking rugs and throws, I ‘m not sure if I saw  latch hook fabrics make it to their swan stage …

 I like a challenge

So I explored Reconsidered Goods on the corner of Holden and Patterson in Greensboro and was thrilled to find these 70’s rug yarn treasures-

bright orange (100% polyester) (love that sheen!)

florescent green, sage green and basil green ( 60% wool,40% nylon)

bright pink ( 100% DuPont Orlon acrylic)

baby blue and navy blue ( 100% acrylic) ( with that shiny ‘static electric ‘ sparkle!)

white and cream( 100% new Zealand wool)

Coming up next…

Adapting ideas and sketches for the scale of  4 stitches per inch on cotton/polyester canvas..