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February is a busy month!

The opening reception for the Greenville Museum of Art Biennial Juried Exhibition, in Greenville North Carolina, is February 5, 2016.  The Exhibition runs February 6-April 24, 2016.

The juror is Theresa N Hammond, Director and Curator of the Guilford College Art Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina.

A cup of kindness

The cup of Kindness: tapestry

I am so excited to have two pieces in this show: and that the Museum of Art is within four hour’s driving distance .

Road Trip!

La Primavera

La Primavera : silk collage with beads and sequins

My new silk collage is called Schism.

Schism as defined by the pocket Oxford dictionary : n. a division of a group ( esp. religious) into sects etc.,usu. over doctrine

Perhaps I should use the word schismatic adj. & n. (from Greek skihizo to split) as this describes the piece better.

I am working with the idea of splitting and tearing : definition tear v. To pull apart or to pieces with some force and tear n. a drop of clear salty liquid secreted by glands from the eye, and shed esp. in grief.

Art Opening

For the month of June, 15 of my punch needle pieces are on show at the NC Craft Gallery, in Carrboro. The opening is this Friday, June 13 from 6-8 pm as part of the 2nd Friday Art Walk.
If you are in town, come join us!



This is a close up of the New York Winter jacket which is part of a collection of baby knits for the Tyler White Gallery showing in late November


And this is a close up of a new silk collage I’m in the middle of putting together.Thanks to Elon University for buying my last big silk collage

Sometimes plans change especially when you have a very persuasive three year and eleven month old grand daughter who wants a ” pillow” doll for Christmas.
She discovered some fabric scraps left over from the silk collage “The Map is not the Territory” and picked out her favorite colors . She was very insistent about having buttons for the eyes.



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art in fibers and fabric