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Threads: A sampling of fiber arts at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center

Date: Mar 18 2016 – Jul 24 2016

Gallery: Mezzanine Gallery


Raw Hide

Annmarie After Hours Opening – Friday, March 18, 2016, 6-9pm

This exhibit assembles a vibrant and diverse selection of works that reflect the best of contemporary fiber and textile art, from works that embrace innovative materials, forms, and processes, to those that celebrate the history of this art form.  Juried by internationally recognized expert, Renate Maile-Moskowitz, THREADS will thrill guests with its colors, textures, and designs.

Juror:  Renate Maile-Moskowitz, International Fiberart Pedagogue, Historian, Consultant, Artist

Contributing Artist(s):

Susan Aaron-Taylor, Lynda Andrews-Barry, Jill Ault, Gabrielle Aydnwylde, Sue Banning, Susan Berger, Marie Bergstedt, Frid Branham, Blair Cahill, Monica Chulewicz, Peggy Cox, Carrie Dickason, Barb Butler, Karen Donde, Kathie Roig, Eileen Doughty, Lynn Doyal, Arnika Eskeland, Liz Fay, Carrie Lee Gissiner, Clara Graves, Judith Gunter, Marcia Haffmans, Jean judd, Elaine Katz, Allison Korb, Kathryn Kosto, Mickey Kunkle, George Laufert, Pamela MacGregor, Tamryn McDermott, Jacqueline Mehring, Lenore Mills, David Mooney, Olivia Morrow, Chirs Motley, Dominie Nash, Hannah O’Brien, Tea Okropiridze, J.Luray Schaffner, Jenny Schu, Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, Deborah Silver, Adrienne Sloane, Ashley Smith, Peeta Tinay, Steve Totin, Betty Usdan Zwickler, Amy Veach, Michael Weaver, Barbara Weber, Doerte Weber, Barbara Wester, Shea Wilkinson, Peggy Wyman

For more info, please see: and

I am very excited and honored to be a part of this fiber art exhibition.  It’s exciting to have punch needle recognized as a fiber art and I can’t wait to see the other fiber art pieces!




Tapestry Workshop with Tommye Scanlin

Saturday-Monday, February 6-8, 2016

Totally inspirational workshop with Tommye, tapestry artist, teacher and mentor par excellence. Tommye demonstrated tapestry technique and showed her tapestries, samples, and artwork while giving positive feedback and constructive suggestions to each student. Two of my favorite pieces were Tommye’s 2015 tapestry diary and her Fiddleheads tapestry.

tapestry weekly diary

Tommye’s 2015 Tapestry Diary

The 2015 tapestry diary is made up of a small woven tapestry for each week of the year. Awesome does not come close to describing it! She uses her watercolors sketches, drawings and photos as references for her tapestries.

fern fronds tapestry

Fiddlehead Tapestry

The Fiddlehead Tapestry compels attention from a distance; the luscious colors glow around the central fiddlehead and closer inspection reveals intense blending and shading that is clean and distinct.

What a great experience, to have the good fortune to work beside so many fellow students who  also love fiber and textile arts!

weft ikat wovens

Mary Kircher ‘s studio with weft face ikat

Working and helping in class, was Mary Kircher  who has a studio at artspace and hand dyes and weaves magnificent color saturated weft faced ikats



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Photography, Animals, Flowers, Nature, Sky

Fibre art by Jean Ottosen

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art in fibers and fabric

around the garden

art in fibers and fabric


art in fibers and fabric