Louise,  founder and fearless leader for Hirsch Wellness Network suggested that we “mix it up” and offer new fiber art activities for Fall 2018.  We have had tapestry classes for a year now, and have an established group who will be exhibiting their work at the October Art Auction.

It’s time to broaden our offerings.

Meanwhile, several volunteers have suggested latch hooking.

My friend and fellow artist Chrystal once observed, “You have to do ugly before you get to beauty.”   Experience tells us that some art has to go through severe growing pains before it emerges from the ugly duckling stage. From my memories of latch hooking rugs and throws, I ‘m not sure if I saw  latch hook fabrics make it to their swan stage …

 I like a challenge

So I explored Reconsidered Goods on the corner of Holden and Patterson in Greensboro and was thrilled to find these 70’s rug yarn treasures-

bright orange (100% polyester) (love that sheen!)

florescent green, sage green and basil green ( 60% wool,40% nylon)

bright pink ( 100% DuPont Orlon acrylic)

baby blue and navy blue ( 100% acrylic) ( with that shiny ‘static electric ‘ sparkle!)

white and cream( 100% new Zealand wool)

Coming up next…

Adapting ideas and sketches for the scale of  4 stitches per inch on cotton/polyester canvas..






You’ve seen her as a princess

You’ve seen her as a cow girl

You’ve seen her as an equestrian

You’ve seen her as a rock star

But have you seen her as a social activist?

Thank you, Marianne, for a comment you made about the knitted guns.

You mentioned that the knitted guns are “toy-like” which sometimes means that they are perceived as smaller than “real ” guns.

This is the .22 rifle, roughly modeled on the James Bond-style gun.

The James Bond’s baby Bond gun is the antithesis of what James Bond stands for :- soft, cuddly, vulnerable, helpless and totally dependent on the care and attention of others with no control over it’s fate. It can be molded and squeezed into different shapes and spaces.

The James Bond’s baby Bond gun is made slightly larger than life size.

The.22 rifle appears to be bigger, just as difficult and violent people can appear bigger because they can cause you harm.

Recently, there has been a growing trend to design smaller guns in an effort to make them more consumer “friendly.”




Remember when you were a kid at school and the teacher would thump  your desk and yell- “Pay Attention!”

(Ok, so maybe I’m just talking about my experience at school….)

Barbie is on her way to Finland, to Kuusiston Taidekartano to be part of  ” Imagine a better future…”  with her BFF  friendship gun holster. She has 17 knitted bullets for the 17 children killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida,  spring 2018.

Hallo out there

Have we forgotten already what happened there?  Are we paying attention to what’s going on in our schools? Are we paying attention to what’s happening to our kids?

Do we think it’s some kind of game?

How else can we explain why there has been no legislation to control indiscriminate access to guns?

My hope for a better future is with the school children who have come together, in Florida and elsewhere, to protest and fight for their rights and ultimately their lives.

Here’s the thing- what are the grown-ups doing to help them?


It’s been a full year since we started the drop-in tapestry class, and we have some beautiful tapestries in the works.

It’s very exciting to see the work unfolding! The photographs don’t do justice to the colors and textures of the work. We plan to have a show – hopefully in October during our art auction fund-raiser where you can visit and see the work for yourself.

Chipper’s Mondrian tapestry

Heddy is working on a sample of different techniques

Wendy is inspired by a landscape scene, and is blending different yarns together and embroidering on top of the top of her weaving to get the colors and textures she wants

Joan has woven a textural whirlpool of color

Joan’s landscape with flamingo. She has frayed and brushed up some of the yarns to create even more texture

And now for something completely different-

Very tasteful addition to a tree in Edinburgh

A different approach to a tree in Mussleburgh, complete with pom poms

Love the flowers on the tree trunk!

Yarn bombing in Edinburgh at the St. James’ Center and a slew of yarn bombs in Mussleburgh.

Thanks to Louisa and Marianne for the photos!



no one’s scared of a knitted gun of silver and plum mohair, right?

How about a nice knitted machine gun ?

Getting my knitted arsenal together for the exhibition at Kuusiston Taidekartano, Finland, where my talk on September 2, will be about dealing with our fears without resorting to violence.

The exhibition will run from  August 12- September 14, 2018


On Wednesday May 30, All is quiet at May Memorial Library, in Burlington..

Later that evening… Knitting, fuzzy yarns, beads and pom-poms!

Thanks to intrepid yarn bombers, Melissa, Louisa, Fiona and James!

Thank you for your help. Last night, we targeted May Memorial Library.

Who knows where we will strike next?

Watch this spot- if you dare!

 Here at Island Creek Forest Walk, the scenery looks like a cross between an ancient Japanese moss garden and “Lord of the Rings.”

The cypress “knees” have given me an idea for my next yarn bombing project. If anyone wants to join me, let me know!

the bald cypress “knees” following the path

bald cypress clinging to the river bank, reflected in the black water

Back on the Roosevelt Trail…

……..the knitted tags are growing


The original yarn bomb

And then there were two…


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