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On the Theodore Roosevelt Trail, a cluster of bleached driftwood was crying out for some attention.

a knitted graffiti tag was prescribed for the job

It looked like it needed some blues to match the color of the Bogue Sound, and pinks for a sun salutation

my work here is done!



There is a  magical lake at the end of a 6 mile walk, at the North River Farms Restoration site.

The lake is part of a restoration project by the North Carolina Coastal Federation who work to protect and restore water quality, wetlands, oyster reefs and shorelines. There was a small group of trees beside the river that fed into the lake which was the only place where you could cross the river onto the land beyond.

This is where I chose to add my knitted tag.

In this vast and open expanse, I wanted there to be a sign that showed where you could cross the river to the other side.

Yarn bombing in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Thank you Marianne, for this gorgeous photograph of a tree in Weisbaden, Germany. I think this would have to be a group effort as there is so much knitting, and over such a large area, beautifully done. An inspirational piece of art, that enlivens and brightens up the city street.



This is an  invite to everybody to send me any images they have of yarn bombing- and say if it’s something you have seen or done yourself! 


Reading a fascinating book called “Yarn Bombing. The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti ” by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain.

Published in 2009, the authors talk about how people use crochet and knit graffiti  to explore and comment on art, politics and culture.

I love the idea of taking pieces of knitting and connecting them with nature- drawing attention to the natural world and the world of making fabrics by women. Both areas are often overlooked and under-appreciated.

This is my homage to the Croatan National Park-: a blue and burgundy mohair  knitted “base” with waves of blue textured tufts of yarn, knitted and held onto the mohair.

Searching for the perfect space

Found it. An exquisite Virginia pine, visible from many directions

Attached to the tree, the knitted piece blends in remarkably well with the textured bark. The piece will not last long as  the  birds will use the yarns to line their nests.

From a distance, the piece invites the viewer to come closer and look at the tree in more detail.


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